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How to clean the pcAmerica database

Our goal here is to make your pcAmerica CRE or RPE run faster. After time you may notice your system running slow and sluggish. Do a manual backup of your database and check the file size. If it’s getting rather large (Over 1-2GB) you might want to try this. Warning! NEVER erase your transactions without […]

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Are RPE and CRE the same software?

Yes, the only difference is the desktop icon which it installs during setup. Makes my job easier because I don’t have to learn two different versions of software. There are some settings that you will need to change but essentially they are the same.

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My Delete Button is Gone!

Pcamerica delete key is missing. The #1 most common support call I get is “What happened to my Delete Button?’ It was just there and now it’s gone… I can’t delete anything. Solution is to press F12 on your keyboard or look to the lower right of your screen where it says “F12 Item Options” […]

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Cash Drawer Won’t Open

This is very common and usually an easy fix. The cash drawer is normally controlled by the receipt printer. Check to make sure the power is on to the receipt printer. There is a cable that runs from the Receipt printer to the Cash Drawer, make sure it’s plugged in. Shut the Receipt printer off, […]

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AutoMatic Backups

It is highly recommended to set your “Master” “Server” or “Computer” whatever runs your Database to “AutoMatic Backups. Especially if you are running in house Gift and or Loyalty cards. You DON’T want to lose that info! Doing AutoMatic backups will save copies to your hard drive but to be fully protected you need to […]

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PCAmerica coupon code error

Getting an error code while trying to make a .50 cent coupon. Won’t allow negative price. This is a work around for the early versions of 12.5xxx Newer versions have fixed this issue. So upgrading will resolve it.  

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Adding food stamp-able items to CRE

Before using this guide to perform an ASCII import, make a backup of your database. The only way to reverse the changes made by an ASCII import is to restore a Backup of the Database that was created before the import!  

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pcAmerica License

Cash Register Express Professional (Per Station) PCAmerica Cash Register Express and Restaurant Pro PCAmerica is a great Point of Sale software solution! Couple clicks of the mouse and you can change it from Retail to Quick serve restaurant to fining dining with table service or pizza with delivery. Increase your profits by computerizing your store. […]

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